My first post.


Hello! Bonjour! Gutentag! привет! 你好!

I’m Andy, 20 years old, a British born Chinese living in the United Kingdom, and I’m a student on a gap year.

It's Me!

It’s Me!

So yeah… I am new to all this blogging malarkey but wanted to give it a try and I hope it helps express my feelings and thoughts rather than bottling it in, and hoping somewhere out there other people may take an interest in my writing (or me, I’m not fussed!).

I have never been one for sleeping but for once I wish sleep will be my friend. I have been told by doctors that I struggle to sleep because of Depression and Anxiety disorder. It’s not as bad as other stuff that is out there but to me, it’s been a roller-coaster ride to say the least.

So on my year off from university I hope to control my mental health for better and to try something new like… Russian… yes, Russian! People always ask me “Andy, why Russian??”, and I have never had a concrete answer but for now, it’s a language which is unlike other languages such as French or German. It is quite a quirky language to know and you never know when you might need it; Such as, that one point in my life where I maybe visiting Russia! I also think it would funny for people to see a Chinese looking Russian speaker (I’m sure there are many out there but I haven’t seen any yet!)

I will also post poems and short stories as I have been told I am quite good at writing them (whether I believe them or not is another argument). I aim to express my mind and turn it into something artistic and beautiful, so check out the “Poem’s Corner” page. And yes, I did take the title of this page from the TV show Countdown (I’m head over heels for Rachel Riley!)

I am also a keen guitarist but I’m no Jimi Hendrix so don’t think I’m some guitar prodigy! but if you’re lucky, you may find a video of some songs I have written (but that’s for another time). There’s some more info about me in the “About Me” page and some contact information if you want to get in touch.

(As you may have noticed, I love writing things inside brackets/parenthesis)

For now, my mind is dead and I cant think of anything to write. I hope this is adequate for my first post. ttfn!


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