Friends! Pals! Mates! Call ’em what you want! #1

Life's Lessons

What can you do without friends?..

Urban dictionary have a few funny definitions of friends

Just a night out with some friends... A really old picture of youth!

Just a night out with some friends… A really old picture of youth!

For me, my friends have always been there for me when I most needed them – even when they don’t know this themselves. When I feel depressed or sad, then going out with friends can make a huge difference! It instantly lifts your mood!

Take yesterday for example. I was feeling rather low spirited and emotional as I unintentionally just think bad things (which is rather weird…). So when I received a short text message from my friends to go out, I had something to look forward too. A chance to just have fun and forget my worries which forever burdens my mind. The best part though is, you never have to tell anyone the exact truth to how you feel and explain yourself.

My friend Rob asked me “How are you Andy?”, and I would reply “same old, same old”. I know that he knows that I have a depression and the reply I gave wasn’t a positive response to my emotion. But he doesn’t ask why or what is making down or the one phrase which annoys me, “Why so glum? Just cheer up.” because, it’s just not that easy. As much as I would love to just get a grip and live a happy life, I know I just can’t. I don’t think that way.

Very old picture of Rob casually wearing a random blue wig and generally looking suave.

A face to a name, here’s very old picture of Rob casually wearing a random blue wig and generally looking suave.

So as Rob picked me up in his nippy Vauxhall Corsa car, the plan was to go meet up with friends at the bowling alley before one of them went off back to university (a bit like a leaving party). Just something so simple, like hanging out with friends and bowling can really brighten your spirit… on top of winning a game of bowling too. haha! Deep meaningful conversations can help but nothing takes your mind off things better than actually doing something!

On top of bowling, there were a few cheap alcoholic beverages to be had (well, I didn’t drink but everyone else did). A few games of American pool, a boxing machine, and a table tennis table. Your typical UK seaside arcade as you will! The conversation was flowing but most importantly, everyone was having a good time. And that was catchy.

I always try to add pictures to more stories for a personal element.

I always try to add pictures to more stories for a personal element.

As the night (well, 2am to be precise!) came to an end and everyone had to go back home, I actually slept a little better then I’m actually used to.

To conclude my rambling and raving. Friends are important for me, and the more the merrier. You can always tell who is a genuine friend or not, and you will always know who can be a friend at a certain age, a point in your life, or you just simply know (I don’t think there is any science behind how to make friends, well… maybe sociology and psychology). When you’re feeling low and just need something to take your mind off things, pick up your phone or get on the computer or whatever, and message your friends to hang out.

Never take your friends for granted. Stay in touch. Because when you’re alone and just need someone, one friend can make a huge difference.

That’s it. ta ta for now!


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