Empty Hands

What Was, Still Is.


What was, still is
My feelings for you unchanged.
What was, still is
My body and soul, yours remains.

What was, still is
Nostalgic moments that burdens my mind.
What was, still is
The love in my veins that made me blind.

What was, still is
The pain and sorrow when you left.
What was, still is
The scars that came beneath my chest.

What was, still is
The gremlins of suggestion inside my head.
What was, still is
Their evil idea, that perhaps, I’m better off dead.

I bet at the end you’re thinking, “Well… That escalated quickly!” and to some extent it does. This poem pretty much speaks for itself. Just the wrong place at the wrong time. You can’t control everything in life, Just learn from mistake, but never regret. It’s how life goes.

Happy National Poetry Day!

© Copyright – All rights reserved – uncertaincuriousity.wordpress.com – Oct 2, 2014


3 thoughts on “What Was, Still Is.

  1. So far my favorite one……I love your style of writing….with all the stories hidden between your lines…
    Sometimes I think, where would we be without poetry. Don’t know how about you, but for me so far, the only heartache medicine.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much Andrea for your kind words. I have plenty more poems about heartache locked away in my mind somewhere. And yes, I totally agree with you! For me, I can be very creative when my emotions are at it’s peak, and writing from memories and experiences adds that personal touch. Glad you enjoyed my poems and thanks for following my blog.

      Best wishes,


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