No Mistake From Pain and Heartache.

Life's Lessons, Poems

She lit away at her cheap cigarette
Dragging intensively with little regret
With no sympathy, empathy, or care for the world
Portraying herself, as this heartless “bad girl”

Piercing on her lip and perfect made hair
Her heavy made eyes for an allusive stare
She used to dress colourful, but now with black
And wears less clothing to stand out from the pack

She may tell you that she hated all men
The truth maybe, or could be pretend
Elegant like a rose but don’t forget the thorns
Attach yourself too close and you will get torn

She’ll distance herself, wary of the game
Like she’s been there too often and endured all pain
But the truth is… The truth is that under the cold exterior
She’s a misunderstood girl, personifying the emotionless inferior

The story on her wrists tell tales of sorrow
Perhaps once, she wished for no tomorrow
A confused girl with unknown history
Question marks circulate around her uncertain mystery

But to love her and leave her was not a huge mistake
Invaluable lessons were learnt from the pain and heartache.

© Copyright – All rights reserved – – Oct 5, 2014


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