Languages: Hello, Bonjour, Gutentag, здравствуй.

Life's Lessons, Rants and Raves

What can you do without languages? What can’t you do without languages?

I love languages, I feel that languages definitely brings people together as a community. It is an essential to life, to every aspect, and to every interaction we as human beings use in our everyday lives. This is what makes us the quintessential race on the planet. (Languages and a load of other things too). 

We need languages to communicate with each other and by communicating we get things done. We accomplish things. Work as a team. We are able to live a social life. Expanding on a “social life”, we use languages as a common medium to announce our feelings, our desires, and the ability to question and learn about the world we live in, forming bonds and relationships.

Whether we use gestures, body languages, or the tone of the voice, they all have the common goal in sending information across to the person/people you are speaking to. Through languages we can connect with anyone and make sense of our experiences.

I for one, love languages! I find that when you understand one language, it easier to learn another. Most languages have similar properties from one and other. For example, I have found that the alphabet, pronunciation, and grammar are the main difference but the syntax remains relatively the same. The same goes for computer languages (Computer programmers will agree), from C++, to C#, to Java, the syntax stays relatively the same.

When you do understand a language, not only do you understand how to communicate with it, but you also understand a more varied type of people around and their cultures that they have. You also get a feel of how people think too.

With languages, you can bring together people together and work together. This is my main emphasis. Togetherness. Often many people take communication and languages for granted and forget how complex it can be. Otherwise, every country would stay to themselves, and history would be rewritten.

Arséne Wenger, Manager of Arsenal football club, has a very interesting stance on languages. Take a browse at the website too! “High communication in a group, makes high dynamics”
Arséne Wenger speaking about the importance of languages

I have experience (apart from English) in Cantonese, French, German, and Russian but I would love to practise them more as I don’t use them as much as I would like to. So if you would like to help me practise and learn more of these languages, then please do not hesitate to drop me a message.

That’s my ranting and raving over. Now enjoy your day!

Goodbye. Au revoir. Auf wiedersehen. До свидания.


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