Sex at mine? yours? or your friend’s bed?

A Stoner's Story, Rants and Raves

I could be hanging around the wrong people OR, people of this generation are rather promiscuous.

So, in a hazy foggy room on a Friday night. An interesting conversation occurred with these two questions.

  1. Would you have sex in someone else’s bed? whether it be a friend’s bed or family member’s bed.
  2. Would you let someone have sex in your bed? whether it would be a friend or family member.

Here’s the stats

9/9 people say they WOULD have sex in someone else’s bed. That’s a 100% of the people asked!
…Granted the reliability of the data could be questionable due to certain influences of alcohol haha!
They even jokingly said between them that they would have sex in each other’s beds! (Swingers!)

On the other hand,
2/9 people say they WOULDN’T let someone have sex in their bed. For all the maths fans out there, that’s 22.22% of the people asked! These are the same people who were asked the previous question first! Astonishingly, no reason was given as to why they wouldn’t.

A little hypocritical perhaps? What is the reason for this? What’s your opinion?

Granted if it were two complete strangers whom had sex in your bed you would be furious no doubt? (or not), but maybe people you know would different?

Being exposed to x rated or adult content is inevitable nowadays. Ever heard the saying “Sex Sells”, well, it does. As the decades have passed, more and more people seem to wear less clothes. Perhaps we are influenced by the media, Internet, Television etc, which shows a perfect model that will send guys aching to get a sexy girl. Or “Fifty Shades of Grey”, that get girls imaginations wild. Either way, people want sex.

A reason why perhaps people don’t want anyone to have sex in their beds could be the idea of territory and hygiene. As a member of the male gender saying this, my guesss is for a reason not to let someone else sleep in your bed is this. I wouldn’t want my bed to be used for sex for someone else because that bed, is my bed. My place to sleep. My play area. I don’t want anyone else to use it without my consent because it is mine. And the hygienic reason is simple. No heterosexual male (give or take some minorities) would ever want to sleep in another guys cum. Simple. And even if we did, we wouldn’t want to know about it anyway.

I’m not even entirely sure if my arguments make sense either because I’m tired or because I’m stupid. It’s usually one of the two (one more than the other) haha

Well, As always, I would love to hear your opinions and views.

ta ta for now!


2 thoughts on “Sex at mine? yours? or your friend’s bed?

  1. Hmmm… I will present a different reason why I wouldn’t like anyone to “make love”/have sex or however anyone feels calling it, in my bed. The reason is not as complicated as nature makes as believe. I don’t think of it as territorial issue. As I have only one possession that I treat as my territory – my laptop. And yes, unless I let you look at it, I treat it with basic instincts, If you just touch it without my knowledge.

    In a case of bed, I don’t know it maybe only girls point of view, or just purely mine, but bed is my safe zone. It’s the only place when I feel safe regardless of mood I am in, situation I am in or people around me. As soon as I am under the covers I feel safe, I can allow myself to dream and build my hopes for future. If I will have someone else making out in my bed, it means they took the last place that holds me together.


    1. Interesting point, I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion and it is quite a personal question too. So thanks for you reply.

      I guess I understand what you are saying. So would I be right to use the word “Ownership”? This is my bed, not yours etc. Interesting thoughts to know your bed allows you to dream, and build hopes for your future. My bed is just for sleeping. That’s all it’s ever been used for.

      Thanks for your comment 🙂


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