A Soldier’s Poem.

Life's Lessons, Poems

I march
With brothers
Lions led by donkeys
Lambs to the slaughter
And the rain has gone colder

I leave behind
My soul
My love
It was not my battle to fight
It was never my battle to fight

My knees broke
I fell down hard
Head rested in her coldness
She caught me
Sang delicately

Gentle words
With melodic notes
Hairs raised across me
A lullaby to say goodbye
I fought a battle destined to die

I saw the skies
Fade slowly away
From blue to black
Now I can see her face
Hauntingly beautiful, with awe and grace

© Copyright – All rights reserved – uncertaincuriousity.wordpress.com – Oct 21, 2014


9 thoughts on “A Soldier’s Poem.

      1. I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been. Even boys, signed up who lied about their ages because they want to do something. If you ever get the time, I’d recommend the film “Beneath Hill 60” or read up on the “Battle of hill 60”. It’s an interesting strategic battle fought in WWI

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      2. Yes that’s true too. If I were in their shoes, I perhaps would have done the same thing. I guess it’s just a sense of pride and patriotism. I’m glad people can still remember and not forget the past/history.

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  1. I just heard some fine classical music on the radio and guess what? The composer Georg Butterworth died in the battle of Somme, shot dead through his head by a sniper 31 years old


    1. That’s an interesting fact! Here’s another, “Butcher of the Somme”, Field Marshal Douglas Haig, would order his men to WALK, towards the enemy. And any soldiers who disobeyed would be shot by their superiors. There were at least 2 million British casualties during the battle of the Somme.

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