The Waterfall Of Truth. The Pool Of Enlightenment…

Rants and Raves

The waterfall of truth. The pool of enlightenment…

They’re just two things I call cleansing myself in the bathroom!

So, tomorrow I grow another year older! and wanted to treat myself to a pre birthday bath as I honestly can’t remember the last time I had a bath (I’m a shower type of guy by the way). And my god. It was so relaxing. Because I have not had a bath in so long, I had little expectations. It was like I forgot what having a bath felt like but now I remember!

I thought that if I was going to have a bath, I would at least have a bath properly! I emptied at least half a bottle of bubbles for some bubbly goodness! The water wasn’t too cold or too hot and as Goldilocks once said “It was just right”. I felt like a lobster in a pot just bubbling away (Before that lobster boiled to death that is haha!) I’ve never felt so toasty, so warm, and just…. relaxed!

I just laid in the bath like a kid, listening to some music, playing with bubbles (minus the rubber duck!), all naked and all giddy! now…just imagine that!….well, actually, no… you don’t have to imagine it if you don’t want to.. or if you do that’s fine by me! I don’t care! haha

Whilst bathing for some time, I started to ponder about things… in fact, I can’t even remember what I was even thinking about! I was that relaxed! I guess what I must have done was cleansing my soul and washing away my worries for a small time.

Revitalized. Re-energized. Relaxed.

A bit of a pointless post but hope you enjoyed it

ta ta for now


PS I apologise for the lack of photos but hey… I was too relaxed haha!



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