A Little Bit Of My Day Yesterday!

Rants and Raves

Apart from “waking up” (I don’t actually believe I have slept) with a slight headache and dry mouth this morning, I will brief my readers to what I got up to on my birthday.

9am – Woke up
10am – Go to college and learn some Russian. The phrase for happy birthday in Russian is “С Днем Рождения” pronounced as “S Dnem Rozhdeniya” according to Google translate fyi.
12pm – Took the bus back home
12.30pm – Ate lunch
1.00pm – Went to the pub to meet up with two friends and had drinks
3.00pm – Went to support my football team, Derby County Football Club, at their stadium against Wigan Athletic.
5.30pm – Finished supporting and slightly annoyed we lost 2-1
6.30pm – Went to a birthday meal at an “All you can eat” international buffet with the family
8.00pm – Went home and showered
9.00pm – Went out for drinks at friend’s house
10.00pm – Still drinking with friends
11.30pm – Went into town in a pub for more drinks
12.30ish am – Went to another pub to get more drinks
1.00am – Walking to another venue and came across a busker who had a pet snake on him. Snake felt silky and was pretty awesome!
1.00am – Clocks went one hour back (Daylight saving time). Went to a club – possibly my favourite club
1.00am – Dancing to some nostalgic music
2.00am – Watched my mate drink too much and worrying about his well being as he may have been beyond drunk
2.15ish am – Went to another club
2.30am – Got the hiccups and decided to get a taxi home
3.00am – Got out of the taxi, threw up in a bush, stumbled to my doorstep.
3.05am – Spent five minutes trying to get the key into the keyhole (I have to get through two front doors too!)
3.10am – Head spinning, Ears ringing, Insomnia creeps back in. Laid in bed, eyes wide open..
5.45am – Watched the night slowly turn into day.

NOW – I have no idea where my time went from coming home this morning…

Why must alcohol be needed to have a good time nowadays? Why does society think it’s such a good idea to drink alcohol regarding the repercussions? Why do I listen to society?

Anyway, I’m alive (just about) and I hope you enjoyed reading my post.
ta ta for now


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