Follow My Dreams? HA! No Thanks!

Rants and Raves, Short Story

Do you believe in a higher power?… or in reincarnation?… or in parallel universes?… Is it possible that your dreams are trying to tell you something?

So, for the past month or so I have been having this reoccurring dream. Sometimes it’s night after night, (3 nights in a row has been the outstanding figure), sometimes I won’t dream for a week and bam! It’s that dream again.

After waking up with a cold sweat on numerous occasions, I got thinking… What if this was a message? a message from another world? or a guardian angel was trying to tell me something? You can’t disregard that idea, because you can’t prove that it’s wrong (or so I think so)

What if I have been visualising memories from a past life? Or perhaps a visualisation of the future? …creepy thought huh? So now I am guessing you are wondering what my dream was?

Well long story short…
I was running through a derelict town. I don’t know where and I don’t know why but I was running as fast and as far as I could. Everything was just grey and depressing. Everything was just abandoned and there was just nobody around. Lifeless.

It then started to rain a diluted shade of red and then rain hard. I would seek shelter in the only house in the neighbourhood with the door wide open. Next thing I know the door shuts behind me and I’m inside. I take a wonder inside, and stumble across a dusty old mirror. I wipe the mirror only to see a reflection of me. Smiling. With no teeth, and darkened gums (almost black as you will)…

Every time at this point, I would wake up and check my teeth, just to make sure I wasn’t still dreaming. What does this dream even mean? Why can I not get past the point of the mirror? …It’s just strange.

My sanity is questionable but I’m sure some of you readers may have had similar experiences.


6 thoughts on “Follow My Dreams? HA! No Thanks!

  1. My re occuring dream is always of snakes…terrified of snakes….this dream you speak of I’ve never had, but have had dreams of teeth falling out, etc…not sure what it means…like a sleepy tv show on rerun 😉

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    1. aha, there’s a reason to why you have those dreams, I guess you could say it’s a phobia of snakes? There must be some neurological science or a rational explanation behind all this anyway. And it is like a tv show on rerun! But you’re experiencing everything in first person

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      1. well, I have died in my sleepy dreams and they said that would kill you 🙂 nope, woke up when it was done 🙂 I dream every night, several different varieties and I usually remember them…have done this since I was a kid 🙂 I love sleep because of this 🙂

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  2. Since I love dream talks let me take your dream under interpretation – my own with a bit of dream dictionary . Considering that you said everything seem lifeless may be influenced by your state of mind. Maybe you feel run down, upset, depressed lonely, like nobody is there. Since you said you are running, maybe you are trying to outrun the bad situation itself? Rain in dream dictionary means tears and sadness but once you get soaked it changes to renewal and gain positive meaning.
    Next part of your dream you have been inside against your mirror. Looking in the mirror , perhaps trying to understand yourself?Reflections in mirror normally represent how you see inner yourself. lack of teeth means sickness or fear. So if you look at yourself and smile, maybe you are trying to overcome some fears? or maybe you are trying hard to smile but your fears are in the way?
    Fro my totally imaginative perspective of someone who had a lot of meaningful dreams in the past, I would say that this dream represent your current self, who tries to change his life for better ^^

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    1. Wow! You should have a degree in psychology! I guess what you have said is correct and does make sense. In fact, most of it is very accurate! Thanks for your imaginative interpretations 🙂


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