Amongst A Sea Of Lost Souls


The shadows are moving
In darkness brings fear
A black wilderness descending
Upon restless dying minds

Silhouettes of unknown
And disfigured members wander
The sound of footsteps louder
Paranoia sinks in

Distressing laughters echoes
Demons looming everywhere
You lose track of the path
You sense it’s time

Upon an old grave
Written with a name
This is where you belong
This is your sign

Left to roam aimlessly
Abandoned amongst others whom are lost
Others whom are burdened with torment
Suffering with endless pain

No one can hear your screams
No one can save your sorrows
Neither heaven or hell will take you in
You’re just another ghost…
Amongst a sea of lost souls

© Copyright – All rights reserved – – Oct 31, 2014


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