Gaia’s Magic Words – PASSION

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Passion: A strong and barely controllable emotion. An emotion that creates change?


The Best Worst Thing I Won’t Let Go

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I miss her
There’s no doubt about it
Trying to forget
But she keeps on returning

Still haunting me
Reminded of her existence
A burdening to my heart
With little resistance

I am hers
And she owns my soul
My head ill with a disease
Yet I still listen for her call

Forever lost
My compelling obsession
And I am still hurting
My wicked addiction

I refuse to let go
I choose to suffer in silence
So no one will know

I cannot love again
I have no love left to give
I will not love again
I have no life left to live

© Copyright – All rights reserved – – Nov 29, 2014

A Prisoner Of My Mind


I can hear the darkness, and I can see the silence.
I’m lost. I’m hurt. There’s no hope, no guidance.

I was aware of the alarm bells, and could hear the sirens.
A prisoner of my conscience, stuck in this asylum.

A passenger, observer, and bystander, of my life.
Everything I tell myself, were make-believe and lies.

I have become my thoughts, my thoughts have become me.
Trapped within my own mind, and lost at sea.

If I cry within my dreams, would you be able to hear me?


© Copyright – All rights reserved – – Nov 27, 2014


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Just another short post

Everyone has a song that they can’t stop listening to for days and days and days. An “ear-worm”, as it could be said. It is generally a catchy piece of music that continually repeats through a person’s mind even after it is no longer playing.

And for some reason, the 80’s generation of music is so catchy that I just have to share these few songs that just gets my feet dancing even when I’m sitting down! There’s something about the 80’s music. It’s just so cheesy and catchy, yet it can be still pleasant to listen too. 

What’s in my cup of tea?

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There’s something so compelling about a hot beverage on a cold day. Whether it is from a cup of coffee, tea, or a good old fashioned hot chocolate, a hot beverage just warms you up and soothes you!

Perhaps it’s just the caffeine that stimulates your body and mind, but ultimately (in my opinion anyway), I just feel so relaxed when I drink something warm or hot. Tea is my drug. 

Liebster Award

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Liebster Award

Not the first time I have been nominated for this award but it is the first time that I will participate (I feel compelled to write something) Thanks a lot to Gentlekindness’s Blog for the nomination.

Below you will find my responses to the questions I have been asked as part of the process.

Rules for Liebster Award:

Rule #1 – Post 11 random facts about yourself
Rule #2 – Answer 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you
Rule #3 – Nominate 11 bloggers (with less than 200 followers) to do the same
Rule #4 – Let the bloggers know you have nominated them

11 Random Facts About Me

1. Despite being born to Chinese parents, I still haven’t been to China, and I am not “fluent” in Chinese either.

2. I cannot swim and could have drowned at least five times in my life (guess I should start learning)

3. I didn’t learn how to ride a bicycle until the age of around 13/14 years old

4. I love playing football (or soccer), and used to be a good player

5. I can play the guitar, and have borrowed a busker’s guitar on a night out, played in front of a crowd of around 20+ ish, all whilst drunk haha

Well, hello again Déjà Vu

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01.23 – 07.05 – 08.05 – 13.45 – 16.20 – 20.20 – 22.22

These are a list of times… Times of the day which I see at least twice, everyday. And when I do see them, it’s always a déjà vu moment having seeing them again. Which gets you thinking… What is déjà vu? Why do we have these déjà vu moments?