Feelings Above And Beyond


Your mind is a galaxy
And your thoughts are the stars
I’m but a traveller
Admiring who you are

My soul shivers
At the thought of making a move
but what is there to stop me?
When I have nothing to lose

A move worth taking
Where I want you to be mine
Like the universe and galaxy
I could love you, until the end of time

You have no idea how much I like you
You make my sun rise and set
You make the sun glow brighter
But waiting was my only regret

The moon shines brighter
With you at night
My world revolves around you
And without you is not right

I’ll take my chances
and embrace in your heavenly bliss
So on this shooting star
Please be true, my only wish.

My feelings, above and beyond…

© Copyright – All rights reserved – – Nov 4, 2014


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