Watching the news is always depressing… so much evil in this world!

Rants and Raves

Have you ever noticed that when watching the news on TV, radio, or any other media, that it is always (or mostly) bad news?

After watching the news last night, I’ve realised how much evil there is in the world. Take this for example, A 15 year old boy stabbed a teacher several times and showed no guilt, remorse, or any other emotion apart from “pride”… Yes, “Pride”. As soon as I heard that I was horrified. I’ve never felt so disgusted ever and it just made me question the point of humanity and the human race.

How can you justify killing someone for no reason, and having a sense of achievement from such a wrongful action? It just baffles me! The teenage kid was supposed to be a decent lad whom was heading towards good grades at school… This further to confuse me. Why would he kill?

Here’s a link to the story if you are interested: Ann Maguire stabbing: Killer was a “typical, nice lad”

After watching the news when I can recently, it’s apparent that there are more bad news than good. And since the news has been around for longer than I could remember, I had this thought in the back of my head… Have we been exposed to too much negativity for too long? If so, would that subconsciously change the way many of us think? Who knows…

“That’s a consequence of the connected world we live in unfortunately. We happen to live in the most peaceful times since, well, forever but at the way we can know within minutes about atrocities the other side of this globe distorts our view to make us think everything’s fucked. While I’m aware of the awful shit that goes on in the world, I’m a strong believer that the good outweighs the bad. News is almost always negative, violence sells” – Tom Brown (A friend of mine)

Tom’s opinion gives plenty of strong points. Perhaps the media have distorted our minds to the point that we think so much negativity about everything, and also, perhaps the media only show bad news because it sells. I guess what I am trying to say is, if I wanted to be depressed and sad, then watching the news on TV is one way to do it.

I haven’t really answer much in this post as I like to keep it open. Food for thought as they say.

rant and rave over.

ta ta for now



5 thoughts on “Watching the news is always depressing… so much evil in this world!

  1. I might be ignorant but i do not watch TV at all. News is something I hear randomly at work and yes they are either very bad or scandals along the way. Remember that negative news or comments are spread faster than good ones that’s why media live on them.
    I personally prefer to look into good events, even the smallest things happening around me while taking a walk such as seeing a man letting older lady pass first or a young boy being protective of his younger sister. I like to see a complete stranger approaching the other one with a dog smiling and patting the animal while making small conversations.This things are worth watching and seeing, this things are worth while.

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    1. Yes you’re right with bad news spreading faster than good news… just a shame really. And I love that! I rarely see that sort of stuff out there tbh.. I have seen some amazing youtube videos of “faith in humanity restored” and it’s just emotional… but in a good way.


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