An Alcoholic With Jack

Life's Lessons, Poems

Jack the lad! A message to you
You’re such a smooth character
So flash, so cool, it’s no wonder you get all the glam
So slick, so stylish, you love the attention too

You seem to be always around at night
With different guys and different girls, of different kinds
Is it your wicked scent and wicked taste
And a devilish burn that branded everyone’s minds

Tell me, were you my best friend as I yours Mr Daniels?
It’s always apparent that I would do crazy things around you
And I knew I knew, I should have stayed away
But yet, I need you, through thick and the thin

Remember that time we were at the bar
Like two brothers in arms, we’d drink the night away
You made me forget my troubles
and leave behind my worries… even if it were just for a while

The unforgettable memories
And the not-so unforgettable mistakes
But you have always been there for me
But now you’re my biggest regret

Look at me now
Look at my state
I’m here on my death bed
Waiting for this day

Where are you now?
Where have you gone?
I know now, that you were an unwanted friend
Goodbye Jack, I’m afraid this is the end.

A free verse poem inspired by Downing A Bottle of Jack Daniels

© Copyright – All rights reserved – – Nov 6, 2014


5 thoughts on “An Alcoholic With Jack

  1. Brilliant poetry. I love your personification of the alcohol bottles. My mother was an alcoholic and the bottles did not remain her friends either. It only seems so in the beginning. Very insighful and clever writing.
    As always, I am proud of your writing,

    Liked by 1 person

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