Getting High at “Highest Point”

A Stoner's Story, Life's Lessons, Rants and Raves

So, a bit of my day yesterday…

After failing to pass my driving test, I thought I would take a little adventure, take my mind of things, and breathe a little. Quite frankly, I was in no mood for a party per se, so I just rang my friend with the time and the car, and we just drove. Serendipity came into my mind when he took me too this place. I honestly could not find the words to describe what I felt… It could be the altitude that took my breath away or “something” else that made this location so spectacular. 

Now imagine living in a city for 21 years, surrounded by people, shops, cars, buildings, civilisation, etc; then you suddenly get placed in the most tranquil, picturesque, peaceful, place ever. This is the epitome of “English countryside”. Serenity. Peace. Who needs drugs or a shrink? The clean air was so pure, it just absorbs all the bad vibes and replces them with good ones. This place literally steals the air in your lungs! And is a place where you absolutely can have no worries or troubles… And if so, this is the place that makes you forget them… Just for a little while anyway.

Confidentially, this place has the nickname “Highest Point” (aka Alport Heights), and you kinda do get a high feeling looking across such landscape. It is also the highest place in the area where I live too. A full 360 degree turn and all that is unveiled is fields and fields of countryside. And with the sun slowing setting, it just made that moment priceless. This is why this place is so isolated, it needs to stay this way before human kind will destroy it.

I’ll be honest, I am quite easily pleased but the point I’m trying to get across is you don’t have to travel the world to see wonderful things. Sometimes wonderful things are right there where you least expect them. A little cliché, I know! But it’s a quite accurate saying.


Another saying that came to mind was this… “Before it’s your favourite place, It’s a place you have never been”.

Well, not much to say here folks.

ta ta for now


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