Back From The Black

Life's Lessons, Rants and Raves

Hey guys!

I will make this post relatively short, so…

As some of you may know, that I usually post something once a day but over the past few days I haven’t been doing so well. I have been struggling generally with doing something… actually, coming to think of it, I haven’t done anything much whatsoever!

Please excuse some of the language that I use. If you find it offensive or if it makes it any better, replace the “f” word with the word “flamingo”. 

I wake up, just to go back to sleep. That’s been my problem and because of that I just don’t do anything for the rest of the day ( yeah, you could say it’s just laziness but I know it’s something other than laziness).

My mind has been so fucked up recently too. The reoccurring dreams, the random flashbacks, the negative thoughts I converse with daily. My inspirations and imagination to write and blog just deteriorated.

But the most fucked up thing about all of this, I just let it take over me. I didn’t try to fight it, I didn’t find a different way to cope with it, I just let it happen.

The reoccurring dreams gave me a dream to dream about rather than nothing. The random flashbacks either told me what I used to enjoy or how not to do something. And the negative thoughts… well, that is a weird one… I wasn’t too keen with that one to say the least. I guess this is where most of my imagination went towards.

Also, perhaps, just perhaps, a little part of me enjoyed all this… even more fucked up ey?

Sometimes, it’s good to escape reality with moderation. It’s just slightly easier to do so. Just keep an eye out for a few warning signs.

Now that I have explained my weird explanation for not writing so much, I now feel the urge to write more. I’m in a calmer place now.

rant and rave over.

ta ta for now


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