It’s the Little Things That Make A Big Difference

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So a little about my absence…

On Friday, it was the day before my mum’s birthday. My mum has always been a quiet type, and always kept to her comfort zone. So I thought I would treat her to a McDonalds. Yes. That’s right. McDonalds. We love it. It’s our weekly thing. and as the slogan goes… “ba-ba-ba ba-baaa I’m loving it”. So, when we sat down and had our lunch I noticed there were balloon for kids. And being the cheeky child I was, I asked a member of staff for a balloon. She seemed confused and so did my mum, and people over heard too drawing in more attention.

A 21 year old young male, asking for a pink balloon?! Then I told her it was my mum’s birthday tomorrow, and for some reason all the attention was drawn on my mum. haha! The embarrassment on her face! She couldn’t stop giggling like a school girl! And believe me, it’s such a giggle! You’re never too young for anything I say! especially balloons!

Well, on Saturday it was my mum’s birthday. It’s always the same day which follows my birthday too which makes it that little easier to remember on top of every other date too! And every birthday since I can remember, I always start the day off with a text. It’s always been my thing on her birthday too.

“Happy 38th Birthday Mum!”… She’s not 38 years old, She’s actually older (Mentioning no numbers haha) but it always puts a smile on her face. Despite not buying her much, I bought her a piece jewellery for her bracelet. I believe it’s called a “Milano Charm”, and she loves it! (Well I suppose she has too being her only physical present)

I was going to buy her a KitchenAid thingy… it’s essentially a interchangeable mixer for baking but that was too expensive. Then I thought I could buy her a handheld hoover, but we couldn’t remember the name of the one she wanted… There’s a bit of a theme with the type of gifts I was thinking, not being sexist at all haha but my mum is a typical housewife and mother. Clean, bake, cook, and so blinking obsessed with jewellery, shoes, and handbags. I just don’t get it! haha

Anyway, later on we had a meal to finish the night. And if there’s one thing my mum loves to do but doesn’t do that often, it’s eating good food. In this case it was a pizza hut and eating a whole pizza to herself! haha (sorry to share this with the public mum!) – not that she’ll read this anyway, not knowing how the internet works and that haha.

But the moral of this story is, the little things. My mum doesn’t want much, she doesn’t ask for much because she doesn’t want much. And I my opinion, people who don’t ask for big or many things enjoy the little things in life and appreciate these things whole heartedly.

It’s the little things that can make a big difference.

ta ta for now


4 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things That Make A Big Difference

  1. I love what you did! And I absolutely love balloons. I buy them and bring them into the dementia ward where i work. The old people love playing with the balloon. It is a wonderful time that we have. I end up crawling under the big table to get the balloon when it gets stuck behind a wheel chair. They all laugh when i go under the table and even more when i pop my head back out again.
    I think that balloons have magical healing powers.
    You were great for your mums birthday. I am sure she is blessed to have you.

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