What’s in my cup of tea?

A Stoner's Story, Life's Lessons, Rants and Raves

There’s something so compelling about a hot beverage on a cold day. Whether it is from a cup of coffee, tea, or a good old fashioned hot chocolate, a hot beverage just warms you up and soothes you!

Perhaps it’s just the caffeine that stimulates your body and mind, but ultimately (in my opinion anyway), I just feel so relaxed when I drink something warm or hot. Tea is my drug. 

I must confess, the tea I drink does not have to be the best quality. If it’s hot, has a teabag, sugar, and milk than it’s fine… Basically, if it’s safe to consume then I am not bothered haha

It’s a beautiful feeling waking up to a cup of tea as soon as the sun rises. That morning sun. That first sip to take everything in and ease you gently into your day. Lush.

Do you know what makes a cup of tea even better?…

Getting someone else to make it for you! haha

That’s all folks

ta ta for now




6 thoughts on “What’s in my cup of tea?

    1. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the finer things in life no matter what you’re age is 🙂 I mean, if I could have a quality tea and coffee every time I drink then I most definitely would

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