Gaia’s Magic Words – PASSION

Life's Lessons, Rants and Raves

Passion: A strong and barely controllable emotion. An emotion that creates change?

“If you love something, please go and do it.

If you hate something in your life, please go and change it.

If you love yoga and want to become a yoga teacher, and do yoga all day, do it. Train, teach, and find other people who love it.

If you hate your job and you truly can’t stand another day of it, go change it.

If you want a relationship, be honest with yourself, and go find one.

If you are not happy with your lot, throw your life upside-down and do everything differently.

If you want to meditate all day long, do it.

If you love sex, have as much as you can get.

If you want to set up a business and become super-successful and super-rich, then go do it.

If you do it because you need to demonstrate to yourself that you are good enough and that your life has meaning, still do it. I will certainly not be able to stop you; those are the motivating forces in life.

But please remember that, whatever you go for, if you are lucky enough you may eventually realize that it means f**k all if you are good enough or not, and life doesn’t need meaning to happen.

In that realization, a partner, a career, yoga meditation, or sex make no difference at all.

So you may as well your follow your passion and do what you fancy, rather trying to do the right thing.

If you become a porn star, please let me know.” – Gaia Pollini. (2012). F**k It: Go For It. In: f**k it therapy. p131-132.

Just a little to what I am reading!

ta ta for now


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