Hello again “WordPressers”!

Life's Lessons, Rants and Raves

Hello again WordPress

And apologies all for my absence! (If you enjoyed my absence however, I’ll take my apology back! haha)

It would seem that I have neglected writing/blogging recently but possibly for the best.
When you don’t have any creativity, imagination, or even will, then there’s no point in writing something because you have too. You should write something because you want too or even need too (Some passion you could say). For me, if you have something you want to say, then make sure you can be heard, rather than constructing something that’s not worth saying.  

At those times where I didn’t have any motivation or inspiration to write but still had the passion to write something, then I would just feel even more depressed than I already was, So I would go out and just do something else… Seemed to brighten me up a little.

Another reason is that, I have ticked a few things off my bucket list this year (in which, I will enlighten you in my future posts). Generally, trying to keep busy. When I do achieve something, then I’ll either do one of the following two: Something, or nothing! In my case, it was mostly nothing but that’s okay, sometimes there’s nothing wrong with doing nothing for a day. It’s good just to chill out and relax with your own company.

The days when I actually do something, are usually spent with my friends socialising, having fun, or generally just relaxing as a group. In my case, if you’re feeling “down in the dumps”, then do something that takes your mind of it. Go somewhere away from your worries!

My few days of nothingness has been rather en-joyful but now, I need to do something and be productive. I need to set some new goals and strive towards them. I do not want to fall into bad habits of doing nothing (or being more lazy than I already am!).

So that’s my ramblings over.

ta ta for now


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