Second Time’s a Charm!

Life's Lessons, Rants and Raves

So, upon my absence from blogging I did manage to achieve something… My driving licence! Yep, that’s right. I am now legally able to drive on the road! I’m still not sure whether that is a good thing or a bad one haha!

So here in the UK, you have to do a theory test before the practical test, and I managed to pass my theory test by one mark above the pass score… I never played it so cool before ever!

Me and my certificate!

Here’s me and my certificate!

I then took a year out from driving to concentrate on my university studies before I attempted my practical test. I took a fair amount of driving lessons before I felt truly confident to take the test, and you know what they say anyway: “Practice makes perfect”, and do you know what? They’re right.

Unfortunately, I did not pass first time but I was so close. Second time around… I nailed it. Though, I was a hell-of-a-lot more nervous the second time than the first! Who knows what it was.

There was a few comical moments during my test, for example, the examiner instructed me to take the third exit on the next roundabout. So, I approached the roundabout and made my way round it and missed my exit. Not to worry, I’ll just keep driving back round. Oh… I missed my exit again, I’ll just keep going around…
Not only did I miss my exit twice, I had missed it three times before FINALLY, taking the correct exit! God knows how I managed to pass but I did!

The end of the test was nerve racking! I was certain I had failed, but apparently not. To my surprise, I had passed and the examiner joked around with my roundabout adventure!

So that’s one thing off my bucket list I can tick off! After failing first time round, I just picked myself back up and tried again. That’s one lesson I wish to take with me forever… Never giving up.

So that’s all folks, time for me to convince my parents to buy me a car!

Here’s a pretty funky song that’s currently making me feel so good 🙂

ta ta for now!


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