Come fly with me.

A Stoner's Story, Rants and Raves

This post is to slowly kick start my lazy unusual self back into blogging. And hopefully, I can tell you a story about a fly. Yes. That’s right. A fly…

There is this fly in my room (about the size of a pixel) and has been living in my room for some time. Infact, it has been there since the summer! and somehow, it has been surviving in this room. I can’t catch it as it’s so small and quicker than I am. I also refuse to kill it because what harm has this little fella ever done to me? 

I’ve always wanted a room mate but I’ve always imagined it would be a tall sexy blonde girl who would have a thing for me… Instead I have a pet fly. And do you know what’s even crazier?… Every time I load up WordPress, the fly lands on my screen. I think that like myself, this fly is just lonely and lost and just wants to be seen. And also like me, this fly is rather nocturnal.

Anyway, I’ve given the fly a name. His name is Dorito (Presuming it’s a him). Like, after the corn chip snacks you can get. It won’t be long until I will start a conversation with him soon. (Insanity gone out of the window!)

There you go then folks, a random rambling story of mine with a fly. And be random 😀

ta ta for now.


ps. No, I am not high or under any influence of any substance… apart from Sertraline and Paroxetine haha!


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