Stress Buster: Part III

Life's Lessons, Rants and Raves

So… From my previous post Stress Buster: Part II, This final post are a few ways as to how I deal with stress – both bad and good ways. For me, one way to relief the mind is to distract it from the thing you are stressed about. I’m not saying completely forget about it, but merely take a break, then ease your way back to reality.

So here is my list: 

  1. Taking A Short Walk: Rain or shine, I think taking a walk and getting some fresh air will do you good. This would give your mind a little peace from the hustle & bustle of whatever you’re doing but also, give your mind a little place to settle itself and allow you to gather your thoughts.
  2. Music: Works well with a combination of anything in my list really. Going for a walk – listen to some music. Waiting for someone – listen to some music. Climbing a mountain of paperwork – listen to music. All in all, I believe that the certain type of music that motivates you is the best to distract yourself with. Obviously everyone’s music taste isn’t going to be the same but for me, something chill and something with a lot of bass puts me “In the zone”, and I’ll just be in a world of my own.
  3. Exercise: This is another biggie! After a stressful day (especially one where you bottle all your emotions), then exercise is the one. It would give you a chance to express and release all the stress in your body and mind through a rough and rigorous workout. And trust me, by the end of such workout, you would be too tired to remember what you are stressed about.
  4. Playing Video Games or An Instrument: A type of medium to truly express yourself! Video games gives you a place to enjoy yourself and occupy with. Ultimately, playing an instrument is a creative playground where you can construct something to free “your mind” as you will. There’s nothing I like better than plugging in my guitar to the amp, turning the volume to max, and pretending I’m the next guitar playing prodigy! haha
  5. Cigarettes and Other Stuff: I do not condone this or do I encourage this but I’ve always had a guilty pleasure (or bad habit) in taking pleasure from dragging on a cigarette or two when I am really stressed about something. I don’t know what it is but it takes some weight off my shoulders.
  6. Sleep: I don’t sleep often but when I am stressed I feel the need to take a power nap before trawling along and facing whatever I have to, otherwise I will become this grouchy zombie that will snap at the most tedious things. I also find that taking a short nap can really refresh one’s mind.
  7. Good Food and a Hot Drink: Food fit for kings, and drinks worthy or winners! Chicken nuggets and a cup of tea for me… Essentially comfort! An energy boost and a feel good factor in both your belly and mind!
  8. Shower/Bath: Also known as the waterfall of truth or pool of enlightenment! I find that a long deep wash can be so relaxing and enjoyful. Washing away your troubles and worries, and smelling good at the end of it too…The perfect way to deal with any stress.

I can probably think of a few more things but I think that list are probably my all important ones.

When I was writing this post, I realise that there may be a theme to all my methods. When you’re stressed, the first response is almost a state of shock. A moment where you realise to yourself and say “Oh shit.” or “fml” etc, the next thing you want to do is deal with the stress, and by doing that you want to find a place for yourself to heal, or a place of comfort. Something you like doing and enjoy.

I suppose it’s always good to talk to anybody with any problem. Sometimes, your best help is right besides you in the same house, or for me, they’re a text message/phone call away. But one top tip, don’t go and do something that goes unjustified just because you’re stressed.

Hope you have enjoyed my Stress Buster trilogy! and hope you have learned a little more about me as a person.

On that note.

ta ta for now


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