That Feeling

Life's Lessons, Rants and Raves

Have you ever noticed that there is a feeling for everything or anyone? When you smile, then it can be thought that you would be happy. When you are happy, then it can be thought you would smile (it works both ways!).

When you are sad, then you would tend not to smile much. And perhaps if you do you are possibly portraying a brave face or hiding your emotions. When you are hungry, then your stomach rumbles, your sense of smell heightens, and your mouth waters at the sight of food.

The feeling I want to write about, is the feeling before a relationship starts. The feeling before love. The “falling” feeling. 

I am not experiencing this right now unfortunately (hopefully someday haha) but it was mentioned in a conversation with a friend of mine who, I think anyway, is falling for the guy. I am fairly certain that I can relate to this feeling and I hope many others have too. But what is the name of this feeling? What comes with this feeling?

So, put yourself in this scenario. You are on a first date with someone you like. In fact, more than like. You fancy your socks off for this person. After your first date, everything goes well and you have… this feeling. You catch yourself smiling and randomly obsessing over your crush. You think about them almost every hour of the day – when you wake up, when you go to sleep, when you get dressed, in the shower, etc. You realise that you miss them when you are not around them. Are these feelings familiar?

People say that you are glowing. It is like there is a spring put into your step. You laugh more. You smile more. Again, butterflies emerge as you think about them constantly and subsequently, you cannot concentrate. Your head is in the clouds and you lose yourself in daydreams. Why? Because you are in loooo-oooove.

I agree with my friend when she said that this is the best feeling in the world; I mean, I’ve only experienced this once but it is enough times to know exactly what I am talking about. And for me, I would do anything for that feeling.

So what I advised my friend was “Don’t think too much into this feeling, or into your thoughts. Cherish this feeling. Embrace it. Because it’s a feeling you should make the most of”.

I envy her. I long for that feeling. And may that feeling last for a long time for her too.

That’s all folks. I’m just going to be a single pringle on my own for a while.

ta ta for now


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