My German Saturday! oooh Ja!

Rants and Raves

Just a short post.

So in addition to my German following my response to Arne’s Liebster Nomination, I spent my Saturday in a fairly multicultural way. 

First of all, I was rudely awoken being told to get up as we were leaving for a day out to the city of Birmingham. Me and my family did some grocery shopping at a Asian supermarket before having lunch at a Chinese restaurant, generally just feasting away on noodles and dim sum. (unfortunately I did not take any photos of the food)

Once we had finished it was time to visit the German market!

The market consisted of loads and loads of stalls offering Stollen, Wein, Beer, Loads of German sausages and plenty more! There was a few Christmas trees, and just some German-ess about the place. also, there were SO MANY people!

Not only that but Ironman was there. Yes. IRONMAN! haha obviusly no the real guy but it was a cool suit. I got my brother to get a picture and the money goes to charity which is nice.

I’m not usually one who gets excited about Christmas but I did feel a little festive as I purchased some beer that came in a big glass mug.

So here are a few pictures… nothing much.

well, that’s all folks

ta ta for now


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