Maybe I'll have a better one next year but until then

Call Me Scrooge

Rants and Raves

Call me Scrooge but Christmas doesn’t really feel that Christmassy any more. I just feel as if I have grown out of the present giving, card writing, and festive feeling malarkey. I just feel like Christmas doesn’t really have a meaning other than presents. It just feels like any other day to me, and most of my friends agree.

Perhaps it’s just me and my generation of friends that don’t appreciate this season as much, or perhaps we’re all just cheap skates and avoid spending our precious little money. One thing for sure bah humbug! 

Yes there are some of my friends who love Christmas and love the presents. Sometimes I feel obligated to buy someone a present because they bought me one. It just puts me in an awkward position that a) I have to think of a present b) I have to buy it. Christmas just seems more of a commercial idea nowadays – I struggle to find a reason to look forward to it.

Christmas dinners have declined in quality. Turkey tastes dry, I’m not a big fan of potatoes, and I am hit ‘n miss with stuffing. Brussel sprouts are not even nice either (yuck!).. It’s safe to say I don’t even like Christmas food that much.

And don’t get me started about TV and film. Home alone, Shrek, Elf, The Nightmare Before Christmas etc etc, it just bores me.

As sad as this sounds, I think I’d rather spend this year’s Christmas away from home or even working!

Also here in the UK, the weather outside is so mild it feels like it’s still autumn. Where’s the snow? the coldness? … all we have had for weather is strong winds that make the after affect of brussel sprouts seem like nothing. In fact, I’ve seen people wear t shirts!

Perhaps if I had someone who loved Christmas so much that they could convert me  to loving it as much as they did and then, I would seem less miserable (but it’s gonna take an extra special someone to do that)

I think I may receive a visit from three ghosts tonight I don’t know.

So they you have it, my thoughts on Christmas.

And as I am sat here writing this post I’ll just say two words…BAH HUMBUG!

Maybe I'll have a better one next year but until then

Bah Humbug!

Maybe I’ll have a better one next year but until then

ta ta for now


3 thoughts on “Call Me Scrooge

  1. That’s so sad Andy. What does your generation do to get the festive feel? Party? Clubs?
    You should keep these festivals alive….in whatever way u want! It is fun.


    1. It is a little sad isn’t it? maybe I am being a little melodramatic but Christmas just doesn’t excite me. Usually, I’m in watching films all day on Christmas and that’s about it. Maybe I’ll have better luck next year haha

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