My Chinese Christmas.

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Well, technically what I am posting never happened on Christmas day but it was a day before (close enough though right?)


Every year for Christmas, my family would usually have something a little bit different to your traditional roast turkey with potatoes, vegetables, etc. Last year we had steak and lobster. Yes a lean thick, tender steak and meaty, succulent lobster. Ate like kings on that day we did.

This year was a fairly decent meal too. When I met up with my friends later that day, we were discussing what each other had for their Christmas dinners. Some went to the pubs for a traditional roast dinner, others had a Christmas share platter to himself, but I… well, this year was fairly awesome too. I’m a sucker for good food and I believe I have a nicely polished palette and will pretty much eat anything but even for me, this meal was spectacular.


The Dishes:

1. King of the prawns! : Giant king prawns stir fried with fresh chillies, garlic, ginger, spring onions, salt and pepper, dash of chilli sauce, and soy sauce. All in its shell to keep in that fiery flavour!

2. Wine-in Scallops: Stir fried fresh scallops with pak choi in a savoury white wine sauce. tasty stuff!

3. Simply prawn to be: Not so “King sized” but more of a queen. Stir fried prawn in nothing more than just salt and pepper, accompanied with a soya sauce dip.

4: This little piggy: Sadly this little piggy went to the market and didn’t come back home. A Chinese style roast pork with a crisp crunch cracking and melt in your mouth meat, accompanied with a sweet hoi sin sauce for that sweet yet savoury bite.

5. Beefy dumplings: not much to say here. Beef dumplings that have been steamed to keep in the moistness… moist!

All of which, is served with a bowl of rice. Where everyone would tuck in with their chopsticks and help themselves… Just your typical Chinese family dinner. Nothing better than good food for a good life.


well… I may have made myself (even possibly you) hungry whilst reading this. Hope you guys have enjoyed the holidays and one more thing…

“Merry Christmas ya filthy animals…. and a happy New Year”

ta ta for now


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