No More


You took my beating heart
Placed it in your palm
And held it tight
Rinsing it dry
’till it beat no more
’till silence fell down
But my soul still sore

So I slept ’till I could sleep no more
So I drank ’till I could drink no more
And I smoked ’till I could not breathe any more
Longing to forget.

I can’t take back what I gave you
The euphoria
The kilig
The memories
You’re still in my head
It feels like you’re besides me still
But how I’d pretend you were dead.

So I ran, ’till I could run no more
So I hurt, ’till I could hurt no more
And I cried, ’till I could cry no more
Needing to forget

Everything said and done
The end had come
Long before it had begun
I can’t go
I can’t leave
I don’t know how to let go
So leave me to bleed

So I’m suffering, ’till I can suffer no more
So I’m hating, ’till I can hate no more
So I’m waiting, ’till I can wait no more
Loving you my only regret

© Copyright – All rights reserved – – Dec 31, 2014


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