Stubborn Insecurities #1


You say you don’t like your nose
But I like it, along with everything else your body holds

You say you don’t like your eyes
But I like them, I could lose myself in them a thousand times

You say you don’t like your lips
But I like them, and I would offer you a kiss after kiss

© Copyright – All rights reserved – – Jan 2, 2015


5 thoughts on “Stubborn Insecurities #1

  1. That is cool that I was blessed to be the first person to reblog for you 🙂

    I do relate to the poem because the person I am seeing has body image issues, but I see him as wonderful to look at and I am happy with how he looks. I do not mind if his hair is not brushed or what he is wearing. He tells me he wants to get a face lift because he looks old. I hope he does not really do that.

    I also feel good when people see me the way you describe here. It is unconditional love and acceptance. Those things are hard to find in the world these days.

    Everyone needs someone who loves them without any conditions and accepts them with all of their imperfections.
    Thank you for connecting with me. You have a sensitive , romantic heart which I see in your poetry. Some young woman would be very lucky to be in a relationship with you. I dated a sensitive , poet, musician in college, years ago.

    I did not truly know what I had, until it was gone. I appreciate the times I spent with him and all the poems he wrote me. I appreciate it more now than I did at the time. He is far away in California with someone who I hope is very good to him.

    You are talented and I hope you are able to do something with your writing that will be meaningful and hopefully support you. I wish you beautiful relationships in your life and that you are able to find a woman that appreciates your intelligence and romance.

    Back to blogging for me now…I have ideas that need to be written. Thank you for your poetry. Your transparency drives your poems to a high level of emotion and sentiment.


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    1. Thank you for your kind words and it means a lot to me knowing that this poem really hits home. I guess what I am trying to emphasise from my poem is that nobody is perfect no matter how highly you may think of them, but if you can accept their flaws then all is well.
      I do hope I find that someone to share my life with. I maybe a little young and naive but I know what feels good. Again, thanks for your comment 🙂 I’ll be sure to visit your blog very soon.


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