Those Kinda Friends

Life's Lessons, Rants and Raves

Hey all!

Seems like I can type comfortably now! Unless I will injure myself later playing football (touch wood that I don’t). And for the bloggers across the pond that’s soccer also know as football – you play with your feet.

Anyway, enough of that. What I want to say is, the friends who you don’t have to speak to everyday or see, but when you do meet up, you still have the best of times. Friends that you can still reminisce the good old times. The ones where you can pick up and carry on having a laugh after the last time you met… They’re what I call friends… Best friends even.

Those kinda friends who has been there from the start and are still with you now. The ones who share the same interests with you. The ones who you grew up together, laughed together, and understand each other. The kinda friends who will pick you up when you’re down, support you during the bad, laugh with you during the good, and forgive you when you’re wrong.

I can count all my friends with three hands… Sure, I have more friends but they seem more of acquaintances I can get on with and be friendly, rather than a close friends. You can have 1001 Facebook friends or 100 mobile numbers on your phone, but which of them will be there for when you need them? …Although you might be lucky enough to say that all of them would help you, then in that case, you are blessed to have so many friends.

Quality over quantity you could say.

So what I’d like to say now is, you can never have enough friends as long as you don’t forget the ones you were already friends with in the first place.

ta ta for now


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