Another Weekend, Another Week

Rants and Raves

Hey all,

Apologies for my lack of appearance on wordpress. Still a blogger at heart so don’t you worry about my absence! haha

Anyway, the things I am up to at this moment in my life is boring. I am currently in process in finding a job, going through several recruitment agencies to find the right one for me… all is just a hastle and time seems to be ticking away faster than usual.

I’ve applied to be a logistics driver, data administrator, a receptionist, data analyst… the list goes on. I feel like my life is coming to a standstill unless I can do something. The only thing I can do is wait…

On the other hand, all is not so gloom. On Saturday I organised a film marathon with my friends. Probably didn’t get to sleep until 5am only to be woken up again shortly after haha! By the way, If you’ve heard of the film “The Theory Of Everything” then I’d highly recommend that film! If you haven’t heard of it, then it’s essentially a biography about Steven Hawkins and his life with motor neurone disease.

so from my weekend I learnt one thing. Not everyone enjoys going out and drinking and clubbing etc etc, but everyone does enjoy a quiet night in sometimes.. an it’s even better with friends.

That’s me in a nutshell recently.

Hope your lives are better than mine!

ta ta for now.


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