Alcohol drinking. Cigarette smoking. And Sofa Sleeping

Rants and Raves

Hey all

Always posting something from my weekend but don’t worry, I’ve been feeling fairly inspired from it and from reading other people’s work, so I should be able to come up with something artful (to say the least) this week.

Friday: I stayed in and watched films till late. Instead of sleeping of sleeping in my own bed, I felt lazy and slept on the sofa.

Saturday: Woke up early for my Russian lessons, and come early afternoon, I had opened my first can of alcohol and lit my first fag for the day… Football was coming.

And by this I mean my club (The mighty Derby County Football Club), play in a cup match against Chesterfield FC… you could say it’s a Derbyshire Derby, But for you guys who don’t know much about football or soccer, and English Geography, It was essentially a David and Goliath football match however David was 2-0 down and had lost. haha

Anyway, drinking kinda progressed throughout the day. It’s kind of a typical English Football fan’s day out and I also think that this side of English culture is actually interesting. If you have the any interest at all but still uncertain what this side of culture is, then I’d recommend watching Green Street, Football Factory, or Mean Machine. (films about football hooligans!)

Anyway. Drink. Watch the game. Drink. Drink. Drink. etc etc and as the night was nearing, me and my friends decided to head to play pool for a few hours before we eventually headed home… well… I was locked out due to some miscommunication between myself and my parents so I ended up on another night on a sofa. Brilliant.

Sunday: woke up midday only to be given the nicest breakfast from my friend’s mum. I really needed to replenish my stomach after all that drinking. We then ended up driving aimlessly for a while but hey… any company is good company in my books.

It seems like no weekend is the same anymore for me. Perhaps that’s a good thing.


ta ta for now


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