Isn’t it weird?

Rants and Raves

Isn’t it weird how one person can put a smile on your face? Isn’t it weird how you can feel so natural with someone and just get along as if you have been talking for years?Or Isn’t it weird how your week can be turned upside down, wrong way round, by one person? …From the good, the bad, and the damn right hilarious!

I won’t go into too much details* but if you can read between the lines then that’s awesome!

*I end up talking a lot about nothing. 

So… Beacon Hill County Park, Leicestershire, England. I’ve never been to this place but it was such a nice place with a fine cold breeze and plenty of scenery to take in, although my mind was occupied elsewhere at the time. Wonderfully occupied may I add also! I rather enjoyed taking in a new environment and well, I guess I felt a little warm inside too, just walking and talking with different company.

I’ve always thought of this… “Everybody has a story to tell, but it’s up to you whether you want to hear it or not”, and I guess I could listen to anything that came out of her mouth. Everything just felt genuine and captivating. “Dippy” came into mind in regards to our conversation. Many of our stories were just stupid and silly (Or aka, “dippy”.. I like that word. I think I shall call my next pet that!)

When you make each other laugh, it just feels like something. Something awesome. Call it kilig or wishful thinking but … ahh *sigh* “if only if only”… the two words that haunt me every night before I sleep.

Any-who… Beacon Hill was a good morning out, especially in the dry cold winter. I can’t imagine how spectacular it would be in the summer. My only regret… Not taking my DSLR… gutted.

Next on the agenda was lunch and god I needed it. I’m not really a breakfast person myself and had ate nothing all morning, so lunch and her company was pretty epic. There’s something about her… just something about her that I can’t quite describe. I’m have a way with words but not today (or recently for that matter). Just that little paragraph got me thinking about the film, “There’s Something About Mary”… Watch it. It’s a funny film AND it’s got Cameron Diaz in it. I actually hope my love life resembles a rom com. That would be epic. haha!

ooooh ooooh. Another regret of the day. We walked past two buskers today and it would have been a perfect opportunity to serenade or be serenaded. haha! ah well, maybe next time!

Before we knew it, hours has passed! Time can just fly!! Weird that isn’t it? Just wished there were more hours in our day (well, I did anyway!)

Here’s two photo’s for today and an added third from SnapChat.

Photos courtesy of the lovely Hannah, but I won’t let her have all the credit as it needed a little photoshopping! haha

I could go on and on and on, trying to make sense of my messed up head but hey, congratulations for reading the ramblings and rantings of my mind and heart! And if she’s reading this then I apologise as I can’t bottle my mind! haha

My mind feels free of things I used to think about! It’s great! and it’s nice to smile again…

ta ta for now


4 thoughts on “Isn’t it weird?

      1. it’s nice to feel appreciated, so thanks 🙂 I think honesty is the best policy and lying will get you no where in life. Remain genuine to yourself, and true to yourself.


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