“I Want To Suck Your Blood!”

Rants and Raves

This post isn’t for the faint hearted.

On Monday, I donated blood. People ask why and I say, I’m just putting some good back into the world. (Or that’s what I like to think) The other reason is, that I don’t have anything better to do haha

Anyway, there’s a good feeling, knowing you’re doing something that can make a difference to someone. Knowing that when you sit there, hooked up to a needle in your vein and drain you, it just feels you give apart of you away both emotionally and physically. It’s weird.

I kinda enjoyed getting the blood sucked out of me. The light headedness was rather fun, especially when I went off to play football. Even then, I still went out with my mates for a smoke or two. Where I apparently was on a “Jokes” level, just making jokes left, right, and centre! haha


Anyway, Good deeds done for one Monday!

anyway, ta ta for now


7 thoughts on ““I Want To Suck Your Blood!”

      1. In Belgium, I went to the red cross to donate my blood. And at the second failure, they told me they had to put on a list, because they don’t want to waste their time and resources in the future. They told me some people are just not able to do it. I felt a bit bad but I suppose I can’t help it. And yes, I suppose I can do something useful in another way. I was a real mess after I fainted. Because there was blood everywhere, I ripped the needle and I drop my 7up can onto the device. Apparently, my fainting was very dramatic 😀


      2. Oh wow! That’s such an interesting story! It sounds like such a drama haha I shouldn’t be laughing at you but I am. haha perhaps third time lucky? they may have forgot the blacklist! haha


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