Stress Buster: Part I

A Stoner's Story, Life's Lessons, Rants and Raves

Stress… Who needs it? The world would be a better place without it in my opinion but being a hypocrite and contradict that I am, sometimes we need stress to build upon our character and to better ourselves or benefit us – And we need to understand this otherwise we’ll become overly stressed too easily.

In a little more detail, explain the following:


Come fly with me.

A Stoner's Story, Rants and Raves

This post is to slowly kick start my lazy unusual self back into blogging. And hopefully, I can tell you a story about a fly. Yes. That’s right. A fly…

There is this fly in my room (about the size of a pixel) and has been living in my room for some time. Infact, it has been there since the summer! and somehow, it has been surviving in this room. I can’t catch it as it’s so small and quicker than I am. I also refuse to kill it because what harm has this little fella ever done to me?


A Stoner's Story, Life's Lessons, Rants and Raves

Just another short post

Everyone has a song that they can’t stop listening to for days and days and days. An “ear-worm”, as it could be said. It is generally a catchy piece of music that continually repeats through a person’s mind even after it is no longer playing.

And for some reason, the 80’s generation of music is so catchy that I just have to share these few songs that just gets my feet dancing even when I’m sitting down! There’s something about the 80’s music. It’s just so cheesy and catchy, yet it can be still pleasant to listen too. 

What’s in my cup of tea?

A Stoner's Story, Life's Lessons, Rants and Raves

There’s something so compelling about a hot beverage on a cold day. Whether it is from a cup of coffee, tea, or a good old fashioned hot chocolate, a hot beverage just warms you up and soothes you!

Perhaps it’s just the caffeine that stimulates your body and mind, but ultimately (in my opinion anyway), I just feel so relaxed when I drink something warm or hot. Tea is my drug.

Well, hello again Déjà Vu

A Stoner's Story, Rants and Raves

01.23 – 07.05 – 08.05 – 13.45 – 16.20 – 20.20 – 22.22

These are a list of times… Times of the day which I see at least twice, everyday. And when I do see them, it’s always a déjà vu moment having seeing them again. Which gets you thinking… What is déjà vu? Why do we have these déjà vu moments?

Getting High at “Highest Point”

A Stoner's Story, Life's Lessons, Rants and Raves

So, a bit of my day yesterday…

After failing to pass my driving test, I thought I would take a little adventure, take my mind of things, and breathe a little. Quite frankly, I was in no mood for a party per se, so I just rang my friend with the time and the car, and we just drove. Serendipity came into my mind when he took me too this place. I honestly could not find the words to describe what I felt… It could be the altitude that took my breath away or “something” else that made this location so spectacular. 

Sex at mine? yours? or your friend’s bed?

A Stoner's Story, Rants and Raves

I could be hanging around the wrong people OR, people of this generation are rather promiscuous.

So, in a hazy foggy room on a Friday night. An interesting conversation occurred with these two questions.

  1. Would you have sex in someone else’s bed? whether it be a friend’s bed or family member’s bed.
  2. Would you let someone have sex in your bed? whether it would be a friend or family member.