A Simple Insomniac


There’s restless nights
And the sleepiness fights.

Tossing and turning
With inner thoughts churning.

One blink, an hour goes by
Constantly asking yourself why-oh-why.

All I want is just to sleep
To a place unknown where I won’t make a peep.

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A Prisoner Of My Mind


Me. My thoughts. My imagination.

I can hear the darkness, and I can see the silence.
I’m lost. I’m hurt. There’s no hope, no guidance.

I was aware of the alarm bells, and could hear the sirens.
A prisoner of my conscience, stuck in this asylum.

A passenger, observer, and bystander, of my life.
Everything I tell myself, were make-believe and lies.

I have become my thoughts, my thoughts have become me.
Trapped within my own mind, and lost at sea.

If I cry within my dreams, would you be able to hear me?

© Copyright – All rights reserved – uncertaincuriousity.wordpress.com – Nov 27, 2014

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You’re Still Here.


Me. My thoughts. My imagination.

Your eyes still haunt me
Your scent still lingers
It was like yesterday you were beside me here.

Your voice I still hear
Your skin I still remember
Oh how oh how, do I let go of you my dear?

Your heart I still feel
Your hair I still smell
You knew losing you was my greatest fear.

Your lips I still taste
Your soul I still touch
And my love for you was always sincere…

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A Wishful Love


Just a reblog folks 🙂

Me. My thoughts. My imagination.

When I met you.
I knew you’d be one of a kind
The type of soul
I’d want, always by my side

You kissed me.
And I never felt so high
That feel-good feeling
With your lips pressed to mine

And I loved it.
When we catch each other’s eyes
You’d smile and you’d blush,
Every single time

Then remember when.
We’d talk and talk ’til the late a.m.
So in “love” they’d say
And we’d say “it’ll never end”

We were but fools.
It was never love at first sight
But mutual desire
That ended, because you were always right.

Love doesn’t last, unless it’s true.

When I met you.
You kissed me.
And I loved it.
But remember when.
We were but fools.
Love doesn’t last, unless it’s true.

Hope you are enjoying my poetry 🙂

© Copyright – All rights reserved – uncertaincuriousity.wordpress.com – Oct 16, 2014

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