Let The Laughter Begin!

That moment when you laugh to yourself around your friends (or even strangers), and everyone looks at you with eye brows raised as if you’re insane… well, jokes on them… I am insane! haha

But the point I am trying to make is that sometimes everyone just has a moment, reminiscing a time that just makes them laugh. Remembering that thought can sometimes just bring laughter out… A private comedy show in your mind as you will. And when you think of that thought, more thoughts can follow, then you have this uncontrollable laughing fit.

Perhaps this isn’t a psychological deficiency to one’s self, but maybe it’s just one laughing because they feel like it? Like maybe that person is so happy and full of serotonin, that they will just laugh at anything. Maybe they’re just high on laugh and enjoying themselves. Even when you’re low and feeling down, a bit of laughter can cheer you up so you just laugh… No reason has to be needed.

Sure, sometimes people cannot control their laughter/emotions/thoughts, and it affects their day to day routine (in that case, you should seek help) But to reiterate, everything does not have a deep psychological meaning. Sometimes things appear the way they are. If something was funny, you laugh… Just comes to show you are a human being.

So here’s what I have got to say, care less of what other people may think of you, and laugh your way through life and be happy! There’s no harm done to yourself with a little laughter.

And as my father used to say when I was younger, “Laughter is a cheap medicine”.

ha ha for now!

(If you read my posts regularly, you would notice that I usually sign off with a “ta ta for now”… So, see what I’ve done there? haha)


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