Whispers In The Wind
Whispers in the wind
That echo kindness and love
Where I hear your song

Seeing Through You
One look at her eyes
And it was of no surprise
It would end in lies

So Let’s Runaway And Dream
I can touch your soul
So let’s runaway and dream
Paradise awaits

Lost And Losing
I have lost the fight
Fallen to inner demons
The voices have won

A Christmas Eve
Frosty Christmas eve
Reaching out to catch our breath
Beneath festive stars

A Winter’s Morning Glory
The winter footprints
With crisp crunch of morning frost
While sunshine smiles

The Lion’s Last Roar
No fear in the eyes
Surrounded by enemies
The lion’s last roar

The Real Me
I’m not strong enough
I can’t pretend any more
I feel so alone

Winter Time
Deep chills in the air
Naked trees dusted in frost
Snowflakes gently fall

Waiting For Help
Head above water
I await for an angel
My saver of souls

A Sociopath Within
His eyes cried with lies
Deception ran within him
The boy who cried wolf

Ashes Of History
A heroes welcome
But soon to be a goodbye
Scattered in the winds

The Detective
Fire in his eyes
The hunger to find the truth
Belly of the beast

The Guerilla’s Operation
Brave or desperate?
The ultimate sacrifice
The bloodiest war

Today I failed
Tomorrow is another day
Just learn from mistakes

Time eats everything
Nothing lasts forever
Gone from history

Take Flight
The blackbird flew high
Startled by the fat black cat
A lucky escape!

A Braveheart
The war path pursued
How the mighty have fallen
Walking through the pain

A Witch’s Cauldron
The witch’s cauldron
Filled with evil and darkness
Fed with divine souls

Something Within
Please tell it to stop
The monster inside my head
The sinister looks

I keep wanting more
So soft, tender, and lustful
Her addictive lips

She’ll Never Know
There’s a radiance,
A certain look about her
But she’ll never know

A Painful Love
She’s killing me slowly
Like a cancer to my heart
Decaying my love

Forgotten Sounds
All of those voices
In places I love to hear
Are fading away

Hidden Agenda
Our bodies embraced
It was more than a night of sex
Climax of the heart

The Moon and The Fox
The moon shines so bright
And the fox comes out to play
Wondering the woods

The Affair
Let me plead guilty
I’m a thief of affection
Stealing your last love

The Opportunist
Black crow on my fence
For what are you waiting for?…

Once a Friend
Once I was welcome
But now I am so distant
The perfect stranger

The Unforgettable
Erased memories,
Of past and present remembered.
Slowly eating him.

The Insane Sanity
The silent screaming.
In his mind holds him sleepless.
Farewell sanity.

A Summer Spring
The vernal fresh breeze.
And glistening morning dew.
It’s a summer spring.

Lost Love
My heart is burning.
I can’t take this anymore.
The wonders of love.

The Lonely
Back to how it was
Accustomed to be alone.
This is how it is.

Beyond Exterior
Indulged by beauty
Captivated in your trance
But looks mean little

They’re Just Memories
Memories of you
Is a curse of the present
Never forgotten

The Depression
See Those lifeless eyes,
The uninhabitable mind,
On a smiling face.

 The Insomniac
Living sleepless nights,
Like an owl of the darkness.
Grasping restless thoughts.

The Other Me
Voices in my head
Echo the resenting pain
That burdens my soul.

The passion gone.
The fire is extinguished.
It is colder now.


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