A Simple Insomniac


Castle In The Sky

Cigarette Burns Of Love

A Place Where We Dream

A Little Love

Trust In Me

Stubborn Insecurities #2

My Little Sunflower

Stubborn Insecurities #1

No More

The World I See

Beginning Of The End

The Midnight Mistress

The Best Worst Thing I won’t Let Go

A Prisoner Of My Mind

The Intimate Moments

It’s Too Late For Love

If Only You Knew

A Bittersweet Lie

The Painful Addictions

An Alcoholic With Jack

Feelings Above And Beyond

Amongst A Sea Of Lost Souls

Black Bandana Man

Au Revoir Me Mére Nature

Eurrghh… The Morning After


The Tick and The Tock.

A Soldier’s Poem

Evening The Odds: An Optimist’s Perspective

A Wishful Love

The Thousand Question Obsession


I Knew Her Too Well

A One Night Stand

Gasp. Gasp. Gasp. Gasp… The Last Gasp.

The Rock Beneath My Feet

No Mistake From Pain and Heartache

He and She. Her and His. Broken.

You’re Still Here

 What Was, Still Is


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