Lost and Losing


I have lost the fight
Fallen to inner demons
The voices have won

Stay strong. Don’t give in. Persevere. I know you can do it. If you don’t try then you will never know.

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No More


You took my beating heart
Placed it in your palm
And held it tight
Rinsing it dry
’till it beat no more
’till silence fell down
But my soul still sore

So I slept ’till I could sleep no more
So I drank ’till I could drink no more
And I smoked ’till I could not breathe any more
Longing to forget.

The Ultimate Alter Ego

Rants and Raves

Pub. Drink. Pub. Drink.

Story of my life quite frankly, but it seems the norm with all me and my friends. They’ll finish work, have some dinner, then straight off to the pub. But it’s when you see people drink a little bit too much that you notice something different.

The thing I notice is this “different person” or an “ultimate alter ego”. When some people drink themselves silly and end up pissed whilst chatting something that boggles your head sometimes or does something different or acts unusual. Sure, this maybe the alcohol talking but everyone acts different. Why? Because everyone has a different ultimate ego.

Suppose there is a norm when it comes to people in society, whereby everyone confronts to these “rules of society” and acting civilised. Take those rules away and what may you have? The opposite? Well, give society a large amount of alcohol (the truth serum) and society becomes more outspoken, louder, bolder. You can then spot each individual and notice what makes them “them” essentially.

But what if that was their true-selves? Their ultimate alter ego? The real them? Everyone is a schizophrenic?

“Drunk words are sober thoughts.”

So food for thought.

ta ta for now



Beginning Of The End

Life's Lessons, Poems

The days are warming up again
But the world is still cold and yet
Everyone pretends that it’s alright
But what’s alright about committing crime?

What is it that makes the world turn slower?
What is it that makes the world alive?
The real eyes that realise the real lies
Are the only ones who can hear the pain, sorrow, and cries


The Midnight Mistress


She could take my breath away
For every single time of day
Demand me to come close to her
Asking me to make the most of her

Then I could not believe my eyes
The way she undressed and smiled
Looking back at me
Making sure I would see


The Best Worst Thing I Won’t Let Go

Life's Lessons, Poems

I miss her
There’s no doubt about it
Trying to forget
But she keeps on returning

Still haunting me
Reminded of her existence
A burdening to my heart
With little resistance

I am hers
And she owns my soul
My head ill with a disease
Yet I still listen for her call

Forever lost
My compelling obsession
And I am still hurting
My wicked addiction

I refuse to let go
I choose to suffer in silence
So no one will know

I cannot love again
I have no love left to give
I will not love again
I have no life left to live

© Copyright – All rights reserved – uncertaincuriousity.wordpress.com – Nov 29, 2014


A Prisoner Of My Mind


I can hear the darkness, and I can see the silence.
I’m lost. I’m hurt. There’s no hope, no guidance.

I was aware of the alarm bells, and could hear the sirens.
A prisoner of my conscience, stuck in this asylum.

A passenger, observer, and bystander, of my life.
Everything I tell myself, were make-believe and lies.

I have become my thoughts, my thoughts have become me.
Trapped within my own mind, and lost at sea.

If I cry within my dreams, would you be able to hear me?


© Copyright – All rights reserved – uncertaincuriousity.wordpress.com – Nov 27, 2014