The Realisation.

Life's Lessons, Poems

I can recall your face but I can’t recall your name
You’re just like the rest of them, black, white and the same.

You were always here for me but to you I was never there
I tried to live the lie but the truth is I never cared.

I was your everything but you were just a past time
But I realise now, what I have done should be a crime.

It’s too late to apologise and say I’m sorry
So live your life free, and just forget about me.

© Copyright – All rights reserved – – May 2, 2015




Her name tattooed upon my soul
Her face I’ll remember, until I’m old
The taste of her lips
The smell of her hair
And the look from her haunting stare.

The call of my name from her voice
Yet forgetting her, my only choice
But the touch of her skin
And the hold of her arms
Brings memories of heartache’s charm.

© Copyright – All rights reserved – – Mar 29, 2015

© Copyright – All rights reserved – – Jan 14, 201

Trust In Me


From all the places I have been
From all the the sorrows I have seen
Your story brings sadness to me

So let me kiss away your past
Give you love, you deserve that lasts
And takeaway your false face mask

I can see the truth behind your eyes
And I won’t believe your lies
But I’ll promise you, I’ll be there for when you cry

So don’t tell me to “shut up and go away!”
When I’m here, yours, longing to stay
Nevermore, will you have to live your life alone, and astray

Let’s put the light back into the darkness
Rip away the sorrow and sadness
And replace them, with memories of peace and happiness

Just trust in me.

© Copyright – All rights reserved – – Jan 14, 2015

A Little Quote Of The Day

Quote Of The Day


Here’s Mumford & Sons – I Will Wait

A song which means a lot for me when I have said “I will wait for you.” Sometimes I think perhaps my time is wasted on waiting for someone who wouldn’t wait for me.

The Best Worst Thing I Won’t Let Go

Life's Lessons, Poems

I miss her
There’s no doubt about it
Trying to forget
But she keeps on returning

Still haunting me
Reminded of her existence
A burdening to my heart
With little resistance

I am hers
And she owns my soul
My head ill with a disease
Yet I still listen for her call

Forever lost
My compelling obsession
And I am still hurting
My wicked addiction

I refuse to let go
I choose to suffer in silence
So no one will know

I cannot love again
I have no love left to give
I will not love again
I have no life left to live

© Copyright – All rights reserved – – Nov 29, 2014

It’s Too Late For Love

Life's Lessons, Poems

It’s too late for love
The things we did
And the damage that’s done
It’s already begun

It’s too late for love
When you had me
You must have been blind
It’s too late to rewind the time

A Bittersweet Lie

Life's Lessons, Poems

My wings can’t fly
So let me fall

For you
My heart warms

Together’s company
Complete and whole

We’ll get lost
In this moment

Lost in time
By your side…

Now we part
Chasing dreams

But in our minds
We’ll always remember

We’ll remember this lie
For the rest of our lives

© Copyright – All rights reserved – – Nov 8, 2014

A Wishful Love

Life's Lessons, Poems

When I met you.
I knew you’d be one of a kind
The type of soul
I’d want, always by my side

You kissed me.
And I never felt so high
That feel-good feeling
With your lips pressed to mine

And I loved it.
When we catch each other’s eyes
You’d smile and you’d blush,
Every single time

Then remember when.
We’d talk and talk ’til the late a.m.
So in “love” they’d say
And we’d say “it’ll never end”

We were but fools.
It was never love at first sight
But mutual desire
That ended, because you were always right.

Love doesn’t last, unless it’s true.

When I met you.
You kissed me.
And I loved it.
But remember when.
We were but fools.
Love doesn’t last, unless it’s true.

Hope you are enjoying my poetry 🙂

© Copyright – All rights reserved – – Oct 16, 2014