Dance With The Devil

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Dance With Devil

Usually, I would post a title with “A Little Quote Of The Day” but this is so much more than a lyric or a quote. This is a story. And such an descriptive story yet somehow I wonder, could this story be true?

DISCLAIMER: The following lyrics do contain strong language that some readers may find offensive.


A Little Quote Of The Day

Quote Of The Day



Again, less of a quote, and more of a lyric. Maybe I should start doing lyrics of the day! But anyway, here’s Passenger – Let Her Go.

It’s quite a poetic sad song when you read behind the words. You also feel the emotion behind the song also… Heartbreak and heart ache!

A Little Quote Of The Day

Quote Of The Day

As I am a hopeless romantic and an over sensitive sob, I’m a sucker for doing silly little things and well being generally a nice guy. Most of what I do, I get from songs or films so here’s a lyric from Bob Dylan – Make You Feel My Love

PS. I am single. hahaha

A Little Quote Of The Day

Quote Of The Day


I Have just noticed something… My “Little” quotes of the day aren’t quotes, nor are they daily, nor are they little! haha!

Anyway, it always plays to me what the lyrics mean to the writer/singer who performs it. Interpret how you will but here’s Jimi Hendrix – Little Wing.


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Just another short post

Everyone has a song that they can’t stop listening to for days and days and days. An “ear-worm”, as it could be said. It is generally a catchy piece of music that continually repeats through a person’s mind even after it is no longer playing.

And for some reason, the 80’s generation of music is so catchy that I just have to share these few songs that just gets my feet dancing even when I’m sitting down! There’s something about the 80’s music. It’s just so cheesy and catchy, yet it can be still pleasant to listen too.