Black Rocks


City lights.
Mountain top.
Quiet night.
Black rocks.

© Copyright – All rights reserved – – May 4, 2015


A Winter’s Morning Glory

Haiku, Poems

The winter footprints
With crisp crunch of morning frost
While sunshine smiles

© Copyright – All rights reserved – – Dec 23, 2014

Beginning Of The End

Life's Lessons, Poems

The days are warming up again
But the world is still cold and yet
Everyone pretends that it’s alright
But what’s alright about committing crime?

What is it that makes the world turn slower?
What is it that makes the world alive?
The real eyes that realise the real lies
Are the only ones who can hear the pain, sorrow, and cries

Au Revoir Ma Mère Nature


J’aime le ciels bleu et clair
J’aime les fleurs beau et délicat
J’aime les arbres vert et puissant

J’aime la campagne frais et nostalgique
J’aime le soleil juane et chaud
J’aime la lune éclatant et élégant

Mais, óu tout ne va? Dans cette… la jungle de beton?

Seeing as I love languages, I have attempted to call upon my teenage years to write a poem in French. Everything just sounds more sophisticated! haha could someone correct me on my French?

© Copyright – All rights reserved – – Oct 27, 2014