Hello WordPress, my old friend

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Hey all,

Don’t worry guys, I’m alive and well… only just! haha

So, to keep this short and simple. Since the last post I wrote, a lot has happened.

From being reunited with my long lost cousin to getting a job.

let me start with my first job that I got through an agency. Possibly the weirdest phone call I have any got and if I recall it went something like this “Hello? Is that Andrew? Would you like a job starting tomorrow? Yes? okay, I’ll email you the details.” and that was that.

So yeah, I got the job. No interview needed. Little to none training. And what a stressful week and a half that has been! The job title was “Data Processor” but truth be told, I worked in a call centre-esc job ringing people after people… After a week, I just gave up. I started getting anxious and if a job can do that to you then it’s not worth it. Especially if I did just get a pay rise after two days! haha

Anyway, two days after quitting I got a new job. I have to be sensitive with the information I put out here but I’m just a security guy who works at a place with lots of planes haha. So far, so bloody awesome! The people are great and friendly. The job seems interesting and varied. And me being a typical guy… Dayumm… Some of my colleagues are HAWT.

Oh yeah, I’m also licensed to frisk! haha

One of my best friends has also gone to Spain to look after his ill grandparents so that’s a little heartbreaking. We don’t know when he’ll be back considering I’ve spent every night chilling with him since my break from university.

There’s plenty more to tell but I guess I really don’t have the energy anymore. I suppose I’m doing what I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and that’s just to do something of myself.

Anyway, I guess my correspondence on WordPress will be a minimal.

ta ta for now.


Dance With The Devil

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Dance With Devil

Usually, I would post a title with “A Little Quote Of The Day” but this is so much more than a lyric or a quote. This is a story. And such an descriptive story yet somehow I wonder, could this story be true?

DISCLAIMER: The following lyrics do contain strong language that some readers may find offensive.

Isn’t it weird?

Rants and Raves

Isn’t it weird how one person can put a smile on your face? Isn’t it weird how you can feel so natural with someone and just get along as if you have been talking for years?Or Isn’t it weird how your week can be turned upside down, wrong way round, by one person? …From the good, the bad, and the damn right hilarious!

I won’t go into too much details* but if you can read between the lines then that’s awesome!

*I end up talking a lot about nothing. 

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Enough Is Enough.”

This is just one of my many experiences where I’ve ended up fighting on… Stubbornly may I say too.

So once upon a time, I liked this girl… a lot. We talked a lot and liked each other a lot too. So I ended up asking her out, but she had her doubts.

She felt that she didn’t want to be “hurt” again. So I told her I would never hurt her.

She said she was worried about what other people think. So I told her why should we care about other people when it’s about me and you?

She said she was afraid to love again after her previous relationship. So I said, don’t let your past burden your future or you’ll be stuck there.

etc etc etc

In the end, we went into a relationship. It was brilliant and I loved everything second of it until her heart had a change of mind.

Then it ended. Pain and misery then rained on my parade.

I kept trying to keep it together and I tried so hard too but I could already see the end. I fought to win her and I fought to keep her… All for a chance.

If asked whether I would do it again I would say yes.

That’s right. YES.

I realised that, if you don’t try then you just won’t know and she wasn’t the one for me. Take a lesson from all the bad in your life experiences. Learn from it.

Enough Is Enough

Rants and Raves

A Response To Arne’s Liebster Nomination

Rants and Raves

Thanks to Arne for his nomination! I have already done this nomination before but would love to answer the questions for fun so here they are:

Die Fragen:

Dein Lieblingslied beim Autofahren? (Your favorite song while driving?)
Ich habe keinen Lieblingssong beim Auto, aber ich mag zu horen, Escape (The Pina Colada Song) – Robert Homes, Superstition – Stevie Wonder, The Chain – Fleetwood Mac, Anything really haha

Kaufst Du immer die Brötchen/Brot beim selben Bäcker? (Do you buy always the bun / bread at the same baker?)
nein, meine mutter immer kaufst die Brötchen/Brot.
No, my mum always the bread.

In welchem Hotel würdest du gerne eine Nacht verbringen? (Which hotel would you like to spend a night?)
Jeder und alle Hotel haha

In welcher Sprache träumst Du? (What language do you dream?)
Gute fragen! Manchmal auf Englisch. Manchmal Chinesisch.
Good question! Sometimes in English. Sometimes in Chinese. (Depends on what dream about)

Wasser oder Wein ? (Water or Wine?)

Which three people, living or not, would you invite to dinner?
Yay I can write back to English! haha I would invite Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and possibly my dad or granddad

What has been your biggest challenge?
Overcoming the past

What do you find beautiful?
Art, a peaceful mind, serenity, love.

Wer bist Du und wenn ja – wieviele ? (Who are you, and if so – how many?)
I am not 100% sure what is asked from the question. I’m Andy and I believe there is only one of me haha

What is the most delicious food you have ever eaten?
I absolutely love bread and butter pudding (it’s quite an English desert)

Why did you start your blog?
I guess I started blogging to express my feelings primarily but now I just enjoy writing. And I hope people enjoy what I write. You also learn from your creative mind also. So, for example, I love these questions because it gave me a chance to catch up on my German language… with the smallest help from Google haha I guess I continue to blog because I enjoy meeting new people and learning new things other bloggers blog about.

Well, that’s all. Cheers again for the nomination Arne.



Stress Buster: Part III

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So… From my previous post Stress Buster: Part II, This final post are a few ways as to how I deal with stress – both bad and good ways. For me, one way to relief the mind is to distract it from the thing you are stressed about. I’m not saying completely forget about it, but merely take a break, then ease your way back to reality.

So here is my list: 


Stress Buster: Part I

A Stoner's Story, Life's Lessons, Rants and Raves

Stress… Who needs it? The world would be a better place without it in my opinion but being a hypocrite and contradict that I am, sometimes we need stress to build upon our character and to better ourselves or benefit us – And we need to understand this otherwise we’ll become overly stressed too easily.

In a little more detail, abcnews.go.com explain the following:


Beginning Of The End

Life's Lessons, Poems

The days are warming up again
But the world is still cold and yet
Everyone pretends that it’s alright
But what’s alright about committing crime?

What is it that makes the world turn slower?
What is it that makes the world alive?
The real eyes that realise the real lies
Are the only ones who can hear the pain, sorrow, and cries

Come fly with me.

A Stoner's Story, Rants and Raves

This post is to slowly kick start my lazy unusual self back into blogging. And hopefully, I can tell you a story about a fly. Yes. That’s right. A fly…

There is this fly in my room (about the size of a pixel) and has been living in my room for some time. Infact, it has been there since the summer! and somehow, it has been surviving in this room. I can’t catch it as it’s so small and quicker than I am. I also refuse to kill it because what harm has this little fella ever done to me?