Hello WordPress, my old friend

Rants and Raves

Hey all,

Don’t worry guys, I’m alive and well… only just! haha

So, to keep this short and simple. Since the last post I wrote, a lot has happened.

From being reunited with my long lost cousin to getting a job.

let me start with my first job that I got through an agency. Possibly the weirdest phone call I have any got and if I recall it went something like this “Hello? Is that Andrew? Would you like a job starting tomorrow? Yes? okay, I’ll email you the details.” and that was that.

So yeah, I got the job. No interview needed. Little to none training. And what a stressful week and a half that has been! The job title was “Data Processor” but truth be told, I worked in a call centre-esc job ringing people after people… After a week, I just gave up. I started getting anxious and if a job can do that to you then it’s not worth it. Especially if I did just get a pay rise after two days! haha

Anyway, two days after quitting I got a new job. I have to be sensitive with the information I put out here but I’m just a security guy who works at a place with lots of planes haha. So far, so bloody awesome! The people are great and friendly. The job seems interesting and varied. And me being a typical guy… Dayumm… Some of my colleagues are HAWT.

Oh yeah, I’m also licensed to frisk! haha

One of my best friends has also gone to Spain to look after his ill grandparents so that’s a little heartbreaking. We don’t know when he’ll be back considering I’ve spent every night chilling with him since my break from university.

There’s plenty more to tell but I guess I really don’t have the energy anymore. I suppose I’m doing what I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and that’s just to do something of myself.

Anyway, I guess my correspondence on WordPress will be a minimal.

ta ta for now.


Isn’t it weird?

Rants and Raves

Isn’t it weird how one person can put a smile on your face? Isn’t it weird how you can feel so natural with someone and just get along as if you have been talking for years?Or Isn’t it weird how your week can be turned upside down, wrong way round, by one person? …From the good, the bad, and the damn right hilarious!

I won’t go into too much details* but if you can read between the lines then that’s awesome!

*I end up talking a lot about nothing. 

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Enough Is Enough.”

This is just one of my many experiences where I’ve ended up fighting on… Stubbornly may I say too.

So once upon a time, I liked this girl… a lot. We talked a lot and liked each other a lot too. So I ended up asking her out, but she had her doubts.

She felt that she didn’t want to be “hurt” again. So I told her I would never hurt her.

She said she was worried about what other people think. So I told her why should we care about other people when it’s about me and you?

She said she was afraid to love again after her previous relationship. So I said, don’t let your past burden your future or you’ll be stuck there.

etc etc etc

In the end, we went into a relationship. It was brilliant and I loved everything second of it until her heart had a change of mind.

Then it ended. Pain and misery then rained on my parade.

I kept trying to keep it together and I tried so hard too but I could already see the end. I fought to win her and I fought to keep her… All for a chance.

If asked whether I would do it again I would say yes.

That’s right. YES.

I realised that, if you don’t try then you just won’t know and she wasn’t the one for me. Take a lesson from all the bad in your life experiences. Learn from it.

Enough Is Enough

Rants and Raves

Another Weekend, Another Week

Rants and Raves

Hey all,

Apologies for my lack of appearance on wordpress. Still a blogger at heart so don’t you worry about my absence! haha

Anyway, the things I am up to at this moment in my life is boring. I am currently in process in finding a job, going through several recruitment agencies to find the right one for me… all is just a hastle and time seems to be ticking away faster than usual.

I’ve applied to be a logistics driver, data administrator, a receptionist, data analyst… the list goes on. I feel like my life is coming to a standstill unless I can do something. The only thing I can do is wait…

On the other hand, all is not so gloom. On Saturday I organised a film marathon with my friends. Probably didn’t get to sleep until 5am only to be woken up again shortly after haha! By the way, If you’ve heard of the film “The Theory Of Everything” then I’d highly recommend that film! If you haven’t heard of it, then it’s essentially a biography about Steven Hawkins and his life with motor neurone disease.

so from my weekend I learnt one thing. Not everyone enjoys going out and drinking and clubbing etc etc, but everyone does enjoy a quiet night in sometimes.. an it’s even better with friends.

That’s me in a nutshell recently.

Hope your lives are better than mine!

ta ta for now.

Just Another Rant And Rave

Life's Lessons, Rants and Raves

Apologies for my inconsistent posting. Having injured my left arm and wrist, I have been finding it difficult to type and find it hopeless to type with one hand – especially if I had a lot to say… Unfortunately, I don’t have much to say. I just fancy writing for the hell of it.

It’s also a struggle to play the guitar, which I love doing! I’ve been playing everyday whether it is an hour long jam or five minutes. So not being able to play is annoying me slightly.

On the upside, I have done a lot of thinking. You know when you’re under the shower, or sat on a bus, or even that hours before you actually get to sleep; you just think and well, just deep think about stuff.

So the stuff I have been thinking about is the future. I wouldn’t recommend over thinking it but just plan some stuff. So for me, I have decided to put my travelling aspirations on hold. At least until I have got a job after university and perhaps find someone to travel with. Another factor is, If I am going to travel, then I want to do it properly, like one of the other bloggers I have read on here 🙂 there’s no point in doing something half hearted.

For the mean time, I am going to get a temporary job before heading back to uni.Ssave some cash, buy a car, and just keep busy. And right now, it’s looking good. My friend is giving me a helping hand and I just hope that I get a job. I also think I need to worry less, and in order for me to do that is to stop over thinking… it’s not good to over think.

Also, If there is something you want in life… something you want but do not need. Go get it. Do it yourself and get it. Why? because it’s worth it. Don’t get other people to get you what you want. Do it yourself.

So lessons to be learnt:
1. Take care of your body, because your body will take care of you. 
2. Want something? then go get it. 

ta ta for now


My Little Sunflower


You started from the ground
Now look at where you are
You don’t have to look down
When you reach out for the stars
Oh my little sunflower
Mighty and strong
Oh my little sunflower
Proven others wrong
Against all the seasons and against all the odds
Against the hardship and against the others
Here you are worthy of gods
And here you are a true wonder
My beautiful love
Keep rising above

© Copyright – All rights reserved – uncertaincuriousity.wordpress.com – Jan 4, 2015


Rants and Raves

This is a great word. And describes me quite a bit in terms of what and how I write.

Here’s the definition.


Isn’t it a brilliant word?

It’s been three-ish months since I’ve started blogging and I don’t think I have mentioned about how I have improved as a writer (or so I believe). I also enjoy writing more too, especially when something funny, dramatic, or sad, etc has happened. Then again, I like writing about anything. In fact, in one of my drafts is the most pointless story I wrote with the most random storyline but yeah… I can write something from nothing.

So… It’s a bit ironic that I am writing a post of little importance… or “Adoxography”.

But now you know. Adoxography!

ta ta for now

A Little Quote Of The Day

Quote Of The Day


I Have just noticed something… My “Little” quotes of the day aren’t quotes, nor are they daily, nor are they little! haha!

Anyway, it always plays to me what the lyrics mean to the writer/singer who performs it. Interpret how you will but here’s Jimi Hendrix – Little Wing.

The Ultimate Alter Ego

Rants and Raves

Pub. Drink. Pub. Drink.

Story of my life quite frankly, but it seems the norm with all me and my friends. They’ll finish work, have some dinner, then straight off to the pub. But it’s when you see people drink a little bit too much that you notice something different.

The thing I notice is this “different person” or an “ultimate alter ego”. When some people drink themselves silly and end up pissed whilst chatting something that boggles your head sometimes or does something different or acts unusual. Sure, this maybe the alcohol talking but everyone acts different. Why? Because everyone has a different ultimate ego.

Suppose there is a norm when it comes to people in society, whereby everyone confronts to these “rules of society” and acting civilised. Take those rules away and what may you have? The opposite? Well, give society a large amount of alcohol (the truth serum) and society becomes more outspoken, louder, bolder. You can then spot each individual and notice what makes them “them” essentially.

But what if that was their true-selves? Their ultimate alter ego? The real them? Everyone is a schizophrenic?

“Drunk words are sober thoughts.”

So food for thought.

ta ta for now